Franz Albert Nürnberger Cello Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1910


Franz Albert Nürnberger Cello Bow
The Nürnberger family have been producing bows of the highest quality since the mid 19th century. Their aesthetic sense and attention to detail is unrivalled. This is a very rare gold and tortoiseshell cello bow by Franz Albert jun. in excellent condition.

It’s nice to see good German bows finally getting the recognition they deserve. The late 19th and early 20th century saw German makers coming into their own, as influential figures returned from apprenticeships in Paris. Knopf, Pfretzschner, Nürnberger, these are the big names, but Nürnbergers have the best reputation for quality and reliability and Franz Albert Nürnberger jun. (1854-1931) is the most respected maker of the family.
We can date this bow from the brand, which is in a serif typeface but which pre-dates the addition of a star at each end around 1920.

The materials are first class – the stick is of orange octagonal section pernambuco with a fine figure, mounts are of gold and unusually plain tortoiseshell.

The condition is excellent – very little wear, and only minor chips on both lower frog edges to report.

All in all, a superb and rare example from one of Germany’s finest makers.

Mounts: gold/tortoiseshell

Dimensions: length 71.8cm, weight 81.8 grams

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Franz Albert Nürnberger Cello Bow base photo Franz Albert Nürnberger Cello Bow frog photo
Franz Albert Nürnberger Cello Bow head photo Franz Albert Nürnberger Cello Bow tip photo

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