Frédéric Chaudière Viola, Montpellier 1990


Frédéric Chaudière ViolaFrédéric Chaudière is one of the most respected of contemporary makers, and his name is known internationally. This is a lovely viola from his earlier period – it’s in good condition and the sound is terrific.

I first became aware of Frédéric Chaudière when I was going out of my way to do blind tonal evaluations of instruments. Two of his violins were amongst the best sounding instruments I had ever played, also the best sounding contemporary instruments by a significant margin. So I’m delighted to be able to offer a viola of his.

Chaudière’s client list is pretty impressive – you can find out more on his website.

This viola is a very attractive instrument with minimal antiqueing, beautifully made and very comfortable to play. The condition is very good – there’s a repaired crack above and below the treble f-hole with a bit of retouch, otherwise there are no issues other than some wear to the table edges.

You won’t be surprised to hear that this is a beautiful sounding viola – it has a strong and mature core with a lot of resistance, and a great sparkle in the higher harmonics. It’s very clear and articulate, but with just enough “coffee grounds” to make for a captivating and expressive voice.

This is not a shy viola – it responds well to presssure, it has a big dymanic range and great projection. If you’re looking to sit un-noticed at the back of the section I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re a confident player who needs to be heard, this is a versatile and accomplished instrument.

Dimensions: length of back 40.8cm, vibrating string length 370mm

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Frédéric Chaudière Viola front photo Frédéric Chaudière Viola back photo Frédéric Chaudière Viola side photo Frédéric Chaudière Viola scroll photo
Frédéric Chaudière Viola label  


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