FX Tourte is without question the greatest maker in the history of bow-making. Here we have a terrific FX Tourte stick in excellent condition, with mounts of the period probably by Francois Lupot II.

As Stradivari is to violins, so Tourte is to bows. Both makers arrived at a quintessential design than hasn’t really required any modification right up to the present day. And while some less venerable makers may be their equals, they weren’t the first to get to the top of the mountain, and they don’t merit the same level of respect.

This is a remarkable Tourte stick of octagonal section mid-brown pernambuco with a typical fleck in the grain. Mounts are silver and ebony, and in the opinion of JF Raffin these were made by Francois Lupot II.

The condition of the stick is excellent, and described as in “très bon état” on the certificate. There are no cracks or repairs and there’s very little wear. The frog has some restoration, all very neatly executed. The bow is priced on the stick alone, but if you’d like a full condition report on the frog just get in touch.

So what’s so special about a Tourte?

I can’t pretend that all Tourte bows are my cup of tea, but this one is a dream. It has a remarkable clarity and beauty of sound, it feels very strong for its weight, and it’s unusually nimble without sacrificing grip.

I can’t really think of higher praise for a bow – it will handle all kinds of repertoire, it’s immediately comfortable and authoritative in the hand, and it has a unique energy that’s just irresistible.

Anyone who’s familiar with Tourte will consider this to be an outstanding bow.

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