This is a beautiful modern Italian violin by GB Gaibisso, a lesser known but very talented Ligurian maker. It’s in perfect condition and has a great sound.

Alassio is a small seaside town halfway between Nice and Genoa, and apart from his teacher Baraldi who remains entirely unknown, Gaibisso is the only violin-maker to have worked there. He also worked for Bovis in Nice, but his work owes little to the Nice makers.

Here we have quite a late example of his work from 1949 – it’s a beautifully made violin with a remarkable one-piece back and a very tightly grained table. The varnish is the typical fiery orange with a gentle craquelure.

The condition is outstanding – nothing to report other than a near invisible neck graft.

This violin has everything that players look for in a modern Italian instrument – it’s punchy, bright and solistic, with a singing treble that will stand out over an orchestra. It’s very even and well balanced, each note precise and defined, no weak points, firm and clear even in the high positions of the lower stings. The E string is exceptional, but the whole violin has a lot of power in reserve.

This is not a sedate flutey sort of violin for playing Corelli, but it would be an ideal choice for a young soloist or advanced conservatoire student who needs a big sound that’s not too coloured.

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