George Wulme Hudson Violin, London 1909

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George Wulme Hudson ViolinGeorge Wulme Hudson is one of the great English copyists, and this fine Stradivari copy is one of the nicest instruments we have seen from him. It’s in near mint condition, and it has an outstanding concert tone.

From the Fendts onwards, there has been a great English tradition of copy work. Some of these copies have been good enough to fool all the experts and even famous soloists, and there are still John Lotts and Voller Bros. violins out there, masquerading as ‘the real thing”. George (Wulme) Hudson worked in this tradition, during the same time period as the Vollers. However, this violin was not made to be passed off as a fake, it carries his own label, and it’s a very proud and considered piece of work. The wood used is spectacular, the varnish has a beautiful craquelure, and the workmanship is very exacting.

The violin is also in fantastic condition, pretty much without blemish. Unfortunately the price reflects this – it’s probably one of the best Wulme Hudsons around, in terms of model, condition, and playing qualities.

There’s no question that in terms of tone, Wulme Hudson was an erratic maker. We’ve had a few – most have been very good, but one we had to send to auction! This one is exceptional – searingly loud, yet very smooth and highly responsive. If it didn’t have such a solid core you would describe it as very bright, yet its voice is unusually well balanced. It’s highly articulate, full of verve, a real killer …

This is a proper soloist’s instrument, and a genuinely great example of English violin-making.

Dimensions: length of back 35.7mm, stop 130/195mm

Certificate: John Dilworth, Richmond

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George Wulme Hudson Violin front photo George Wulme Hudson Violin back photo George Wulme Hudson Violin side photo George Wulme Hudson Violin scroll photo
George Wulme Hudson Violin label photo      

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