A good German bow from the early 20th century – well used but with excellent playing qualities.

This is the bow equivalent to one of our “campfire Strads” – in other words anonymous, affordable, yet spectacularly good. Ideal for the many musical situations in which it doesn’t make sense to wave a priceless antique around…

Dating from the first decade of the 20th century, this is a well used bow of the Nürnberger school. There’s a good deal of wear to the handle and the thumb projection, but there are no cracks or damages and the stick is still in top condition. It’s of round section dark brown pernambuco, obviously very dense since there’s a lot of strength in what’s a relatively narrow cross-section. Mounts are silver and ebony.

I liked this bow from the moment I picked it up – and although these days we try to offer only bows in perfect condition, I couldn’t resist it. It immediately felt right – great balance, perfect spring, and a really positive sound, warm but edgy. It plays like a good Voirin, quite surgical in its action yet with real quality of sound and great projection.

An ideal bow for a young aspiring soloist on a budget – also ideal for a serious professional who needs a solistic bow that can be used within a couple of metres of a naked flame.

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