This is a very fine example of the work of Giovanni Lucchi – it’s a very powerful bow with a fantastic crunchy sound, and it’s in mint condition.

Giovanni Lucchi is best known as the inventor of the Lucchi meter, which measures the speed of sound in a piece of bow wood – a strangely pointless invention, since wood with all sorts of sound transmission speeds can make great bows! But people like numbers, and anything measurable tends to take precendence over anything perceived…

Lucchi was also responsible for the school of bow-making in Cremona – all in all a very influential figure.

Here we have a lovely bow made by him in the 1970s, and which has remained almost unused ever since. It comes in its original branded case, and retains its original lapping.

The stick is of round section orange brown speckled pernambuco, mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is excellent throughout, and we have resisted the urge to clean up the silver – the thumb leather is worn and needs to be replaced, but we prefer to show the bow as is…

This is the sort of bow that’s known in the trade as a “tweener” ie. somewhere between a violin bow and a viola bow in weight, and ideal for someone who plays both instruments, or for a violinist of the Zuckerman school! It weighs just over 65 grams, so as a violin bow it’s pretty heavy, but it’s surprisingly agile, and it feels natural in the hand.

The balance is excellent, and the stick is strong and mighty without losing nuance or articulation.

This is principally a very interesting piece of bow-making history suitable for a collector, but it’s also a very handy player which puts out a big sound full of colour and energy.

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