An unusually fine example of this maker’s work, this violin is in perfect condition and sounds tremendous.

From around 1890 Eugenio and his apprentice son Giulio worked very closely together, and it’s sometimes hard to know why a given violin has a Eugenio label and why another is labelled Giulio. Such is the case with this violin, which is in all respects a Eugenio, yet is labelled Giulio…

Typical features of this model are the elongated corners, the heavy overhang to the scroll chamfers starting right at the base of the pegbox, and the beautifully rounded edgework.

This example has a very restrained varnish, beautifully preserved, and the overall impression is of a very grown-up violin, confident and mature. All the more remarkable that Giulio was barely 16 when this violin was made.

The condition is flawless – no cracks or damages, just a tiny bit of wear to the treble corner and the edges.

Degani violins are going up in price, and if you’re concerned about investment value then you couldn’t find a better example. But this is also a great instrument for a professional player – it’s a big violin with a big sound, yet still sophisticated and full of nuance. The arching is full and the graduations are thin, resulting in a sound that’s quite dark, fruity, and remarkably even. Great response and bite, bags of volume, this is a violin that seems to play itself!

Very hard to make a bad sound, impossible to overplay, direct and immediate but with a hint of mystery.

Highly recommended!

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