Gotthard Schuster Cello Bow, Bubenreuth circa 1970

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Gotthard Schuster Cello Bow
Gotthard Schuster (1903-1987) was a very fine craftsman who enjoyed a long association with Rembert Wurlitzer in New York. This bow is a pristine example of his work.

Few bowmakers can have enjoyed such a long career as Gotthard Schuster. He began his apprenticeship aged 15, and was still making bows almost 70 years later. Originally from Schönbach, he was forcibly moved to Bubenreuth/Erlangen after WWII along with many other Sudetenland violin makers, and remained there for the rest of his life.

This is an unused bow in mint condition, bought directly from the maker by a renowned collector of German bows. The stick is of octagonal section orange pernambuco, mounts are of ebony and silver. The brand denotes Schuster’s workshop production, though the quality is still unusually fine.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 71.2cm, weight 77.7 grams

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Gotthard Schuster Cello Bow base photo Gotthard Schuster Cello Bow frog photo
Gotthard Schuster Cello Bow head photo Gotthard Schuster Cello Bow tip photo

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