Gustav Lütschg was a fine Swiss maker, pupil of and successor to Gustav Methfessel. This violin is a lovely example of his work in near-perfect condition, with a rich and slightly dark sound.

Like his mentor Methfessel (cf., Lütschg followed a rather French Stradivari model, working with great accuracy using very fine materials.

This violin has a lustrous varnish with a hint of craquelure, bright red over a golden ground. The condition is excellent with no cracks or damages, very little edge wear, and just a few minor chips and dents to the varnish.

Looking at this violin you might expect it to be a bit of a screamer, but in fact it’s smooth and warm, more deep brown than hot orange! The balance is excellent, with a lively response throughout the register.

This would be a great violin for an advanced student looking to explore their technique. It has a comforting solidity – nothing quirky, no surprises, just a reliable meaty sound which can be taken in any direction.

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