This very fine gold-mounted bow was made for Wilhem Hammig of Leipzig, most likely by Franz Albert Nürnberger between 1890 and 1900. It’s a very elegant bow made with the finest pernambuco – the condition is excellent and it plays beautifully.

“Deutsche Bogenmacher” states that the bows branded W.H.Hammig Leipzig were the work of either the Süss family or of Franz Albert Nürnberger. To my eyes this elegant and graceful head with a Simon-like curve to the rear face can only be Nürnberger, but in a way the matter is slightly academic – this is a superb gold-mounted German bow from around the turn of the century, made with the finest materials for a demanding shop.

The stick is of round section deep red pernambuco with a striking flame and translucency – mounts are gold and ebony with a decorated pearl adjuster.

The condition is well-loved but excellent – a tiny bit of wear to the handle, similarly to the player’s side of the thumb projection, otherwise no defects.

This bow is a real looker, but looks aren’t everything and we wouldn’t be offering it here if it wasn’t also an exceptional player. It has a big sound for its weight, the stick is strong yet supple, the balance slightly towards the head… it feels to me for all the world like a great Lamy.

Uniquely it has bite and brilliance without sacrificing clarity, and even on the G the sound is muscular yet pure and projecting.

If you don’t like the sound of your violin this is probably not the bow to go for, but if you’re looking for a solistic bow that won’t break the bank then it would be a great choice.

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