There are few professional players who don’t have a Hill in their case. The firm’s reputation for quality and reliability is well deserved, and the bows carrying the WE Hill & Sons brand are always in demand.

This is a lovely Hill from the 1930s in really fine condition. It’s very typical – rather plain yet flawless pernambuco of octagonal section, very crisp metalwork, a rather short adjuster, and the classic whalebone lapping. The pearl eye is particularly attractive, perhaps doffing its cap in the direction of Nürnberger.

The silver face has been replaced so no maker’s mark – aside from this the condition is pretty spectacular.

Hill sticks come in a very wide range of characters, but they are always straight as an arrow even after nearly a century of use. This bow has a firm supple stick, neither stiff nor soft, with a beautiful lyrical legato tone. There’s a lot of character in the sound, the response is smooth but fast, and you can really feel the sound in the stick.

A very elegant bow, definitely more Mozart than Bartok, great for chamber music or any melodic repertoire.

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