WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London 1959


WE Hill & Son Violin Bow
This is a superb Hill bow in mint condition, date stamped under the frog. It’s an excellent player with a strong yet lively stick.

This bow is not particularly old, but it’s still pretty rare to find one of this age in such perfect condition. It was bought for a collection and has most likely never been used.

The “WE Hill & Son” brand denotes the best quality of work from the Hill output, and the quality control was very exacting. This bow has an octagonal section chocolate-brown stick of tight-grained unflamed pernambuco, mounts are silver and ebony. There is no maker’s mark on the face plate, but the frog and stick are matched with a letter D.

Not all Hill bows are created equal, and I probably try about 20 for every one I might choose to sell. While the workmanship is always good, some sticks are too floppy to use, some are rigid and dull. But a good Hill is worth waiting for … and this is a good Hill!

This bow is on the heavier side of the scales, and it has a lot of power, but it’s still nervy and fun to use. It’s the kind of bow which finds favour with professional orchestral players, putting out a big rounded tone without much effort. Balance and spring are both very good, and it works well off the string.

To sum up, a great all-rounder of a bow in amazing condition.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 74.7cm, weight 61.4 grams

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WE Hill & Son Violin Bow base photo WE Hill & Son Violin Bow frog photo
WE Hill & Son Violin Bow head photo WE Hill & Son Violin Bow tip photo


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