This is a very nice WE Hill & Son bow bearing a maker’s mark for Edgar Bishop – an attractive model in excellent condition, and a strong stick with a big sound.

It takes some effort to tune into the nuances of Hill bows – not all are created equal, but the good ones are very good.

This bow is very much what we look out for – the best brand “WE Hill & Son”, all original with its silver face and original lapping, a stick of top quality wood, great condition and great playability.

The stick of this bow is octagonal section red-brown pernambcuco, mounts are silver and ebony. The face is marked with a “2” for Edgar Bishop, the stick is dated 39 and frog and stick bear an assembly mark “E”.

The bow is in excellent condition throughout.

In terms of playability this is exactly what people love about Hills – a big and bold sound with a touch of grit, a stick that’s supple enough to really grip the strings but stiff enough to handle well off the string.

Not too light, not too heavy, beautifully balanced, smooth yet responsive…

It’s a bow that would be quite unremarkable but for the fact that it does everything well. And if you consider that the overwhelming majority of bows are problematic in some way, that’s quite an achievement!

Overall, a quintessential Hill bow, friendly and utterly reliable.

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