HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1960


HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow
An exceptional gold mounted HR Pfretzschner violin bow in near perfect condition – and a big sound.

Pfretzschner and Nürnberger are the most respected names in German bow-making, both firms dating back to the late 19th century. However, Pfretzschner are still going strong in 2018, and their bows are still highly respected.

Here we have a top of the range gold mounted example from around 1960, bearing a “made in GDR” stamp on the underside of the stick behind the frog. The wood is dark orange pernambuco with a nice figure, the stick octagonal, mounts gold and ebony. The condition is near-mint.

This is a great bow with a big and bold sound full of character, with just a touch of grit. The stick is stiff without sacrificing feedback, very controllable, and with excellent balance. I can’t pretend this is the right bow for an introspective player, but it would be ideal for an aspiring soloist. You can really dig in with it, yet it’s light enough for bow gymnastics too – astounding attack and bags of volume. In the immortal words of Spinal Tap, this one goes all the way up to 11…!

Lovely to see a Pfretschner in this sort of condition too – in my opinion these bows are still seriously undervalued.

Mounts: gold/ebony

Dimensions: weight 61 grams, length 74.4cm

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HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow base photo HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow frog photo
HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow head photo HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow tip photo
HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow slide  


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