Joseph Arthur Vigneron is for me something of an unsung hero. His bows are great musician’s tools, not refined like Voirin but still exceptionally well made. Here we have a fine example in excellent condition, also an outstanding player.

The biography of Vigneron in “L’Archet” describes him as a heavy gruff man who could make a bow a day. His attitude was much more that of a highly skilled craftsman than an artist, and yet his bows are almost always faultless.

This example is very typical of his best period, working for himself and full of confidence, before the inevitable deterioration of eyesight. The stick is of round section pernambuco, dark red, very dense, and with a beautiful subtle figure. Mounts are ebony and silver with a Parisian eye and plain silver adjuster.

This bow is a real high performer – great articulation and balance, and an ideal mix of heft and pazazz! if I compare it to my favourite bow (whose identity will forever remain secret), its playing qualities are remarkably similar, but the core sound is darker. And this is exactly what I expect from a good Vigneron – a sense of solidity and confidence, a warm and full sound, but still full of life.

I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by this bow, but it has the power and speed of response for a soloist, and I recommend it very highly.

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