This is an outstanding Persoit violin bow with exceptional sound and handling. Currently fitted with copy frog and button, but supplied with the original open frog and ivory button.

Jean Persoit is an extraordinary maker whose bows are favourably compared with those of his contemporary FX Tourte, and indeed often exceed them in terms of playability. We have sold Persoit bows to several leading players, and there are many examples currently in the hands of well-known soloists.

This bow is quite an enigma. The original mounts comprise an open trench frog in plain ebony and an ivory button. Normally Persoit used these basic mounts on his plainer sticks, but in this case the wood and the head shape are his absolute best. The only explanation is that he found a knot in the stick as he was working and decided to hold back on the quality of the mounts. However, 200 years later it’s clear that he needn’t have worried..!

The stick is of round section dark red pernambuco of fabulous quality. The copy frog and button are exact replicas made for this stick by Simon Guillaume.

The original mounts are in good condition – there’s the inevitable split in the ivory button, and the frog has lost some wood to the bottom edge on the audience side. The stick is beautifully preserved – all the chamfers are sharp, and there are no signs of use other than a few nibbles on the top surface in the upper quarter of the stick.

It seems a bit pointless to extol the musical virtues of a Persoit – these bows are widely acknowledged to be amongst the finest players in existence.

This particular bow has an immense sound quite out of proportion to the elegance of the stick. It has a very responsive spring, the action is supple but surgically precise throughout the length of the bow.

Quality of tone, richness of harmonics, definition, subtlety, this bow has it all.

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