This is an exceptional gold-mounted Lamy cello bow in near-mint condition.

Joseph Alfred Lamy is a maker who whose star continues to rise. His bows share the extraordinary elegance and precision of his teacher FN Voirin, but his sticks tend to be critically firmer and more suitable for modern players.

This is a great example of Lamy’s early style, with an exquisite head very close to Voirin – the chamfers are unrealistically precise and symmetrical. In fact all aspects of the stick and mounts are worked with a jeweller’s eye.

The stick is of round section vivid red-brown pernambuco with a strong figure – mounts are gold and ebony. The back plate and the adjuster are pinned as you would expect, but so cunningly that you need a loupe to find them.

The bow is in remarkable condition, with just the tiniest amount of wear detectable from the little finger – a few tiny marks to the stick, but overall this bow looks new.

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