Here we have a beautifully preserved cello bow by JA Vigneron, a highly respected maker of the late 19th century.

Joseph Arthur Vigneron is unique amongst the makers of the late 19th century in that his focus was on playability rather than style. He worked rapidly, and his bows don’t have the extraordinary precision of Voirin or even Fétique. But they always work, and he achieved a consistency of function that is rare. Even Sartory, whose style owes so much to Vigneron, produced many bows which are a bit “off the scale”.

This excellent cello bow is Vigneron at his most elegant – all the more so when you consider that this isn’t a light bow. The round section stick is of refined orange-brown pernambuco with a distinct flame and a mirror finish – mounts are of silver and ebony, beautifully proportioned and well executed.

Overall the condition is outstanding – the only things to note are a bit of thumbnail wear in front of the frog on the player’s side, and a tiny 3mm crack in the thumb projection of the frog.

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