Another great James Tubbs, this time a later model with a classic plain frog. The stick is strong and well balanced, and the condition is excellent.

The stick is of round section brown pernambuco with silver and ebony mounts.

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Good Tubbs bows are still a great buy for demanding professionals, and the presence of so many whippy sticks shouldn’t blind us to the fact that at his best Tubbs is unrivalled. Very few makers achieve this kind of volume and power without sacrificing purity and roundness of tone.

This is a quintessential Tubbs, supple yet powerful, the sound at once focused and creamy. Like many of his bows it’s quite long by modern standards, but don’t forget that about 4mm of that length is in the head with its very pronounced forward thrust. The balance is very good, and the bow works well on and off the string – staccato effects are easy to achieve.

A very nice example of a later period Tubbs!

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