This is a beautiful gold mounted Tubbs bow in excellent condition – it’s a superb playing bow with a unique buttery sound.

Anyone who follows our website will know that we are big fans of James Tubbs, but this is one of the nicest examples we have had. Between around 1900 and 1910 James Tubbs was officially “retired”, and the bows from this period with plain ebony frogs are the work of his son Alfred Tubbs. They tend to be more consistent in their playing qualities than the earlier work, and we love their minimal aesthetic.

The gold bows tend to use the best pernambuco from the Tubbs woodpile, and they can be quite exceptional players.

This bow has a stick of round section dark red-brown pernambuco (not stained) – mounts are gold and ebony.

There’s a small amount of wear to the upper facets of the handle – apart from this the bow is in outstanding condition.

It’s fair to say that Tubbs bows are infuriatingly inconsistent, and we reject around 10 for every one example we choose to offer. But the good ones are hard to beat, and they compare favourably with the best bows of the Peccatte school.

This bow is a very good Tubbs with that characteristically massive and mellow sound, perfect tracking, and a crisp, clean edge to the note. The stick vibrates under the fingers to just the right degree, reassuringly responsive but still modest.

Tubbs bows are at their best in Classical and Romantic repertoire – if you want your Beethoven to sound more like Beethoven or your Brahms to be more Brahms-y then perhaps you need a Tubbs!

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