James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1885

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James Tubbs Violin Bow
James Tubbs is a delightfully inconsistent maker. The floppy bows he made for the “Maids of Mayfair” are best consigned to the dustbin, but his best sticks would bear comparison with the finest French bows ever made. This is an outstanding gold-mounted example from his most sought-after period, in near-mint condition. The wood is exceptional, the engraved ferrule is a treat, and the playing qualities are unbeatable.

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Mounts: gold/ebony

Dimensions: 74.5cm, 60.4 grams

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James Tubbs Violin Bow James Tubbs Violin Bow
James Tubbs Violin Bow James Tubbs Violin Bow

James Tubbs Violin Bow  

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