This is an exceptional early James Tubbs – it’s in outstanding condition and it plays beautifully.

We always have a few James Tubbs bows in stock. He is without doubt the most undervalued figure in the history of bow-making, and here we have an unusually good example. Branded J. Tubbs, which suggests a date of manufacture before 1878, this bow shows many of the features of the later creations but without the exaggeration. The stick is darkened to a deep red-black, the face is silver and the underslide nickel, and the backplate is characteristically broad. Yet the adjuster is short, the ferrule is square and the head is pared down and graceful.

There are no condition issues and this bow has had only minimal use.

Currently just under 58 grams with a tinsel lap, this is nonetheless a strong and full-sounding bow with that strange Tubbs magic – a kind of buttery coating to the sound which removes all unpleasantness and just lets you relax…

This is the quality of sound and response you would usually find on gold-mounted example, and it’s one of the nicest Tubbs we have come across.

A five star review…!

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