Jean (Grand) Adam is the best known and most highly valued of the Adam makers. He worked in the prestigious Vuillaume shop, but his bows are most often compared to those of FX Tourte.

This is a fine Grand Adam cello stick with modern replica mounts. Grand Adam bows are highly prized for their wonderful playing qualities – however, the magic resides in the stick, so a bow with copy mounts gives you all of that magic at an affordable price! The current retail price for a complete Grand Adam cello bow is in the region of £75k.

The stick is of round section red-brown pernambuco of outstanding quality, very typical of this maker. It’s in very good condition with no issues other than a couple of tiny dunts to the head. The ivory face has cracks either side of the mortise but appears original. The mounts are silver and ebony, and were made for this stick as perfect replicas.

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