This is a very attractive example of the work of Jean-Jacques Millant, one of the most artistic and immediately recognizable of 20th century makers.

Jean-Jacques Millant grew up steeped in violin lore – his father was Roger Millant of the highly respected Paris firm of Roger & Max Millant. Early on in his career Jean-Jacques adopted a bold Peccatte model and stuck with it throughout, along with various radical and experimental models which he pioneered such as this.

This fine viola bow follows the Peccatte model with its hatchet head, slightly oval cross-section and the generous graduations towards the tip.

The stick is of round section speckled orange-brown pernambuco with a very attractive figure, mounts are gold and ebony.

The condition of the bow is exemplary with absolutely no wear.

I’m no great shakes as a viola player but this bow seems to me ideal in all respects, meaty and dense but with an easy off the string action. In fact it plays very much like our Dominique Peccatte viola bow, and at a fraction of the price.

Lots of attack, a beautifully coloured tone, and a smooth buttery legato – what’s not to like?

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