This very fine viola bow was in the personal collection of Bernard Millant and is illustrated in “L’Archet” – it’s an excellent playing bow in excellent condition.

It’s always special to get one’s hands on one of the bows illustrated in “L’Archet”, the Bible of French bow-making, and all the more special to have a bow from the Millant collection, and made by Bernard’s first cousin Jean-Jacques!

So a historic bow in all respects, and a lovely example of Jean-Jacques Millant’s work.

The stick is of round section speckled orange-brown pernambuco with a very attractive figure, mounts are gold and ebony. The model is typical of this maker and very much inspired by Dominique Peccatte.

The condition of the bow is exemplary – there are a couple of tiny scuffs to the stick but there are no signs of use. The lapping and thumb leather are original.

This is a highly collectable example of this maker’s work, but it’s not so special that it can’t be used, and it’s a great stick… the sound is dark, smooth and full, but there’s plenty of attack and the action is not sluggish at all.

Nice and pliant in the middle of the stick, strong and forceful without being insensitive – overall this is a very well balanced bow which can do everything.

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