Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow, Paris circa 1970

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Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow
This is a very fine Peccatte model violin bow by one of the most popular mid-20th century French makers.

Jean-Jacques Millant (1928-1998) is best known for his experimental bow designs, but most of his working life was dedicated to producing excellent Peccatte copies such as this bow. His bows are further set apart by his preference for light coloured woods, often with a barred figure. The stick here is of round section orange pernambuco, the frog mounted in a semi-trench in the style of EA Ouchard. The condition is excellent.

While many makers produce Peccatte copies which are just conventional sticks with Peccatte heads, Millant succeeded in copying the whole bow, following the graduations and the cross-section faithfully. The end result is a very successful bow, solistic and powerful, with a sort of “coiled spring” quality. This is a great bow for advanced technique, but even when idling at the lights it has a sort of explosive potential, and the dynamic range which can be achieved in a legato stroke is quite remarkable.

All in all, a great bow from a seriously undervalued maker.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: 74.5cm, 59.3 grams

Certificate: Pierre Guillaume, Maison Bernard, Brussels 2017 Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow certificate

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Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow
Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow

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