Jean Joseph Martin was one of the extraordinary team of makers assembled by JB Vuillaume, and his bows very often follow the Vuillaume model. This is a more personal creation with a distinctive head – very unusually it bears an authentic Dominique Peccatte brand. The bow is in near perfect condition.

This is a highly collectable bow by JJ Martin, partly on account of the excellent condition, but also for its very interesting head shape and its use of the authentic Peccatte brand. We have to assume that Martin came by this brand through working in the Vuillaume shop. The bow has a round section stick of dark orange pernambuco with a subtle figure – mounts are silver and ebony.

There are no condition issues.

It’s always great to see a beautifully preserved and collectable bow, but who cares if it doesn’t play? Fortunately this bow is a very good example from a technical point of view too. It definitely belongs to the “pre-Sartory” world, and the stick is quite supple and warm in the hand. But that doesn’t mean it’s weak – it’s just more 19th century than 20th century. It has a broad and opulent sound with a clean attack, it sits in the strings beautifully, and it does everything well. A light-ish bow but with plenty of heft, and a great compliment to a thin-sounding violin…

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