Jean Persoit was a remarkable maker, and this is a remarkable Persoit. It’s in outstanding condition for a bow that’s nearly 200 years old, and it’s one of the best Persoits we have seen. A mighty bow for a leading soloist…

Is it reasonable to have a favourite maker? If so, then it has to be Persoit. We have sold two great Persoits to well-known soloists, and I can think of no other maker whose bows are so reliably outstanding. Whilst some FX Tourte bows are just unbeatable, quite a few are flimsy and unplayable, but Persoit bows seem to be always at a high level, strong enough for a big concerto player but never brutal either.

To this extent we could think of Persoit as the person who really took the Tourte bow forward – in my mind he improved the Tourte bow in the way that Stradivari improved the Amati violin!

This particular example is the best Persoit we have seen, with very few signs of use – the well loved PRS brand is still crisp under the frog! The stick is of round section pernambuco, very dark red-brown, and with the dense subtle flame that’s unique to the early 19th century makers, The mounts are silver and ebony – the original mounts are very crisp with hardly any chipping to the upper edges of the frog, defect-free other than a small crack in the thumb projection and a bit of missing pearl on the player’s side.

The bow is currently set up with copy mounts – these are perfect replicas made for the bow by Simon Guillaume at Maison Bernard.

The stick is in superb condition – there are some tiny scratches if you look hard enough, so we can’t describe it as mint, but it’s unusually well preserved.

If you are in the market for a bow of this calibre you surely don’t need me to tell you what it can do! Suffice to say that the stick is still in the full flush of youth, the camber and the spring are excellent, the weight is ideal…

It plays like an archetypal Persoit – a huge sound, very rounded and dense, free from noise.

Bows don’t really get any better than this.

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