Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Paris circa 1830

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Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow
Jean Persoit is one of the most hallowed names in bow-making, and the reputation of his bows amongst soloists is only exceeded by FX Tourte. Here we have a fantastic composite bow, all parts by Persoit, the stick very close to Tourte in design. It also has a certificate by the world’s leading Persoit authority, Paul Childs

Persoit is probably best known as an early maker of the Vuillaume shop, responsible for the training of Dominique Peccatte, and influencing Henry and Simon in turn. His bows are quite rare and very highly regarded for the simple elegance of their design and for their unique playing qualities.

This particular bow is a composite – the frog and button are also by Persoit, but they come from another stick which was broken in a recent accident. The stick has a very nice and rather personal certificate from Bernard Millant.

The condition of the stick is excellent. The frog has a narrow insert to the ebony where it contacts the wood on the player’s side – it’s very common for these edges to become slightly chipped over the course of 2 centuries!

There’s not much to be said about the playing qualities of this bow – it’s very powerful without sacrificing sensitivity, and it draws a fabulous sound. It would be hard to find a better bow for big repertoire on a big stage.

Some leading players swear by wood to wood mounts, and my own impression is that the quality of tone and the feedback to the player are less choked with such a bow.

From the point of view of a performer, the fact that the frog isn’t original to the stick is entirely irrelevant – actually this is a great opportunity to obtain a top level bow without having to pay a collector’s price.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 73.7cm weight 60.2g

Certificate: Paul Childs, Montrose 2018 Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow certificate
Certificate: Bernard Millant 2015 Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow certificate

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Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow base photo Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow frog photo
Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow head photo Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow tip photo


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