Johannes Paulus Violin Bow
The Paulus family have maintained a very high standard of making over several generations, and I particularly like their bows. This is a lovely example with chased silver mounts.

Günter Paulus learnt the craft from his father Johannes, opening his own studio in Markneukirchen in 1973. His bows are very firmly in the Markneukirchen tradition – crisp, solid well-built! They are graded according to the quality of the stick with a system of stars as used by various other MK makers.

This bow has 5 stars, and is further distinguished by chased siver mounts. The octagonal section stick is of darkish brown pernambuco, the head is a rather fine upright model with a slight hatchet shape.

This is quite a heavy bow but it’s far from a tank aerial – the wood has a great spring, it’s easy to control, and the weight is all in the right place. The sound is bold, bright and articulate with a hint of grit, great for livening up a slightly dull or recalcitrant violin.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 74.3cm, weight 63.5 grams

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Johannes Paulus Violin Bow base photo Johannes Paulus Violin Bow frog photo
Johannes Paulus Violin Bow head photo Johannes Paulus Violin Bow tip photo
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