This is a very pure JA Lamy violin bow, near-mint and retaining its original lapping and thumb leather. And of course it plays beautifully (or we wouldn’t be offering it for sale)…

This is exactly the kind of bow that we look out for – a fine example of a maker’s work, retaining all or most of its original features, with a lively but strong stick with good weight and balance.

It’s not often you can tick all these boxes – Lamy bows are always beautiful but they are often a bit top-heavy or lacking in pliability. But this is such a bow, and we are delighted to offer it.

The stick is of round section red-brown pernambuco, restrained in figure but oozing quality. Mounts are silver and ebony.

There is some very minor wear to the audience side of the handle and the thumb projection, otherwise the bow is in perfect condition. All the pearl looks original and the brand is unworn.

The sound of this bow is warm and full yet very focused, with no extraneous noise. The stick is quite stiff yet the bow achieves a very smooth legato and it feels masterful and confident on the string.

Excellent off the string too, good grip, and no weaknesses.

A very accomplished bow in all respects, ideal for a professional orchestral player – an imperturbable companion who can conjure up a bit of fairy dust when needed!

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