Joseph-Arthur Vigneron is another of the great names in French bow-making. Like so many of the better late 19th century makers he worked for Gand & Bernardel before setting up on his own. He developed his own very successful model, rather more masculine than Voirin or Lamy, always beautifully proportioned.

Vigneron is a real favourite of mine, and this is a great Vigneron. It’s particularly nice to see a well preserved original lapping on a French bow, and to know that it is functioning exactly as the maker intended.

The overall characteristic of a Vigneron is solidity – there’s a certain monolithic quality to the frogs, the adjusters are usually one-piece and short, and the heads are strong. In this bow we also have quite a dark red stick, and the overall effect is quite arresting.

The stick is round section, mounts are silver and ebony with a parisian eye.

The condition is excellent – there are a couple of superficial scratches, but overall this bow has been very well looked after.

I can’t think of much to say about this bow – I find the weight and balance ideal, the spring is neither soft nor brittle, and the tone is full yet clean. In other words, a thoroughly reliable workhorse for a busy professional player – highly recommended.

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