Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow, Paris circa 1830


Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow
Lafleur is one of the great names in French bow-making, and this is a very fine early example of his work. Contemporary bow-makers would kill or maim to get their hands on this quality of pernambuco, dense, veined and beautifully flamed. The head is very artistic, a bell-like model which Pierre Simon championed in his work. Typical frog with 2-piece heel-plate, one single pin in the centre of the back plate.

The stick is round section, mounts are silver and ebony. The bow is in excellent condition with no damages or repairs, and very little wear to the stick.

The great French bows from the middle of the 19th century have really never been bettered – perhaps modern makers work more precisely, but they don’t have easy access to such good materials, and of course they are followers not leaders. Some bows from this period can be a bit of a disappointment, impossibly light or spongy, but this bow is a knockout. It has a great staccato, very clean and articulate – it just seems to spread the sound on the strings in the most delightful manner, both on and off the string. The legato is broad, smooth and imperturbable.

A really beautiful and classic bow from the golden period of French bow-making, best suited to a player of smaller stature.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 73.2 cm, weight 58.6 grams

Certificate: JF Raffin, Paris 2009

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Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow base photo Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow frog photo
Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow head photo Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow tip photo


Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow notes photo


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