This is a rare and exceptional Jules Fétique viola bow in as new condition, complete with original tinsel lapping and ivory face. Not just a unique collector’s item but also a strong stick with great playing qualities.

This is the sort of bow which you just don’t see any more – the handle facets are totally unworn, the button fits perfectly, and the original lapping and leather are in great condition…

On top of that, it’s a superb playing bow by one of the most accomplished makers of the 20th century.

Jules Fétique is something of an unsung hero – there are very few bows bearing his own brand, and much of his work was done for Sartory. Even the commerical success of his brother Victor slightly puts him in the shade, yet his bows are in a different league.

The stick of this bow is round section pernambuco, a dense speckled brown – the frog is silver and ebony.

As the certificate states, the condition is “close to new” – the only issues to report are a missing pearl to the adjuster and some tiny scuffs to the final 2 cm of the stick on the audience side.

We haven’t polished this bow or disturbed the patina in any way.

This isn’t really a bow for everyday use, but it is a remarkable player with an ideal combination of strength and agility. It would stand comparison with the best of Sartory’s output – it has the same reliability and adaptability, but in a more elegant and graceful package.

Brilliant yet dense focused sound, a nervy yet controllable spring – an outstanding bow in every way.

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