Jules Fétique is one of the most talented of early 20th century makers, and here we have a very fine example from around 1910. As you would expect from us, it’s a great playing bow in excellent condition.

We’re delighted to have several fine Jules Fétique bows in our current stock – he’s a maker that we admire greatly, but for some reason his bows are hard to come by. Perhaps people don’t want to part with them…

This is a lovely example – typical small pearl eye, rather concave faces to the frog, a delicate and finely proportioned head.

The stick is octagonal section orange pernambuco with a very strong figure, mounts are silver and ebony.

There are no condition issues other than a tiny bit of wear to the ebony edges of the pearl slide.

This is a powerful bow with a broad and colourful sound – the weight and balance are straight up the middle, and the bow does everything well. The tone is forgiving, the stick too – this is one of those bows that immediately feels like an old friend.

With a big dynamic range and a very controllable stick, this would be a great bow for an orchestral player – it’s warm and companionable, an easy partner whose face you’d be happy to see every day.

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