Dating from around 1920, this is a superior grade of Mirecourt trade violin probably from the Laberte workshops. It’s in excellent condition with no repairs – the sound is sophisticated and well balanced.

This is very much the archetypal Mirecourt violin – very sharp lines, a broad flat Strad model, a hint of simulated wear to the back and the tiniest bit of shading to the varnish on the front. 100 years on, these violins look great, and one wonders why modern makers insist on producing violins that are so heavily antiqued.

Condition-wise there’s not much to say – there are no cracks or damages, and it’s a very well preserved example down to the original pegs. There are some minor scuffs to the varnish and the edges have taken a few knocks, but the overall appearance is very good.

This is a sweet and friendly sounding instrument – it’s slightly introspective and not for a power player, but the tone has a kind of dusty elegance which is quite charming. The balance is exemplary, the response is nimble, and everything is in the right place.

A great violin for an advancing student – companionable and good-natured, clear and articulate but never overpowering.

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