We have become quite keen on the bows of Louis Bazin, and it’s a pleasure to have one of his viola bows. And of course it’s a great player, all original, and in better than average condition.

This bow is very typical of Louis Bazin’s work – it’s unpretentious, it’s well made, and it performs excellently.

The stick is of rounds section darkish brown pernambuco with a wild figure and a wonderful translucence. Mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is very good – there’s some minor wear to the handle and to the thumb projection on the player’s side but the rest of the stick is very clean. There are a couple of near-invisible repairs to small cracks in the ebony of the frog, and there’s the usual split to the ebony ring of the adjuster.

As with all Louis Bazin bows, this one performs very well. Bazin was a commercial maker who liked to work within narrow parameters, and his bows are never wayward or controversial.

So as we would expect, the weight and balance are ideal, the stick is strong without being hard and skittery, and everything feels immediately comfortable. The sound is broad yet clean, and the bow does everything well and without fuss.

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