Louis Bazin Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1950

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Louis Bazin Violin Bow
Bazin is one of the best known names in French bow-making. Like Morizot, the work of the earlier members of the family has been slightly devalued by the later workshop production, but Louis Bazin is a superb maker who is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

This is a real player’s bow – a bit tatty, inexpensive, yet drawing a fabulous sound. The stick is of beautifully flamed round section pernambuco with a characteristically flat and upright head. Louis Bazin made a habit of using very fine wood, and perhaps this is why his bows work so well. This late example has had a good deal of use, and there’s a bit of wear to the upper top half of the stick. The adjuster is of the period but not original. Otherwise the condition is very good.

Although it’s not really in my interests to say so, this bow would stand up against many a Sartory. It has a strong but highly responsive stick, the tone is big but clear and focused, and the balance is ideal – it packs quite a punch, but it doesn’t feel heavy or sluggish. So if you’re struggling to squeeze a bit more tone or volume out of your violin, this bow might be what you’re looking for …

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: 74.4cm, weight 62.3 grams

Certificate: Raffin/Le Canu/Bigot Paris 2015

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Louis Bazin Violin Bow base photo Louis Bazin Violin Bow frog photo
Louis Bazin Violin Bow head photo Louis Bazin Violin Bow tip photo
Louis Bazin Violin Bow certificate Louis Bazin Violin Bow certificate

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