This is an exceptional Louis Bazin violin bow in unused condition.

We have quite a collection of Louis Bazin bows, and I’m increasingly impressed by him as a maker. And this is an outstanding example – beautifully preserved, fresh as the day it was made. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s never been rehaired.

The stick is of round section red pernambuco with an intense flame; mounts are silver and ebony.

There are no condition issues other than a drying split in the ebony of the adjuster..

Not only is this a remarkably well preserved example, it’s also a great player. It’s slightly light and tip-heavy with its current tinsel lap, but since the lapping appers to be original I will leave it to someone else to decide whether to change it.

Personally I find the balance works very well – the bow doesn’t feel light, the stick is strong, and off the string work seems very easy. In fact it’s a delightful bow to use, and I can’t detect any weakness or lack of proportion.

This is a bow which deserves special care, best suited to a collector or an occasional player.

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