Louis Gillet is best known as the maker of many late Sartory bows, but he was a formidable maker in his own right. This is an unusually attactive example – a very well balanced stick in top condition.

This Gillet bow dates from the early days of his collaboration with Sartory, and shares many features of Sartory’s work.

The stick is of outrageously flamed honey coloured pernambuco, round section. Mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is excellent, with no cracks or damages and very little use.

Gillet bows have found such favour with players because they are essentially half-price Sartorys. This bow is a good example – it has all of the refined power of a Sartory, the same straight-ahead reliability and the same versatility. It makes a big sound, full and enveloping with a hint of ground coffee. The spring is positive and nervy but controllable, the balance slightly towards the tip as you’d expect with a tinsel lapping, and off the string work seems very easy. Excellent attack, great resistance – all in all an ideal bow for a strong player looking for broad tonal colour and maximum projection.

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