This is a good Louis Morizot bow made very affordable by a replacement button – otherwise the condition is excellent and the bow plays beautifully.

If Louis Morizot had been able to put “Paris” on his brand, he would surely be one of the more valued names in French bow-making. His bows are finely made and they always play well.

This example is quite typical – the head shape rather straight at the back with narrow chamfers, the rounded heel to the frog and with a generous amount of metal in the heelplate.

The stick is of round section orage-brown pernambuco – mounts are silver and ebony. The button is a nickel replacement.

The condition is generally very good – there’s a bit of missing pearl from the player’s side of the Parisian eye and there are a few small marks to the stick, otherwise nothing to report.

We have sold a good number of bows by this maker and have come to expect them to play well. This one is particularly good, with a full and rounded sound combined with a lively spring and a nice edge to the tone. The balance point is slightly towards the tip with the current lapping, and you get a nice sense of heft without too much actual weight. Off the string is pretty effortless, and the legato is smooth and noble.

An excellent all-rounder of a bow at a very attractive price.

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