Louis Morizot Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1935

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Louis Morizot Violin Bow
Louis Morizot is a rather under-rated maker whose work can be quite outstanding. This bow is a great example in unusually fine condition.

Pretty much everyone knows the Morizot name, but it’s much better associated with the rather patchy work of the Morizot Brothers’ workshop than with the consistently excellent craftsmanship of their father, Louis Morizot “Père”. This bow shows some aspects of his fine style – a rather racy frog with rounded heel, a broad stick tapering rapidly towards the head, and a very elegant Voirin model of head with crisp chamfers.

The Piccini brand seems to have changed hands a few times, but the only record I can find of it in Mirecourt catalogues is in a 1913 catalogue for the Parisian maker and wholesaler Joseph Fissore.

This bow as had little use, and still retains its original lapping and thumb leather. The stick is of orange pernambuco, mounts are of silver and ebony. There’s a tiny and unimportant crack in the ivory face, and the underside of the thumb leather is slightly worn, otherwise the condition is as new.

This is a fantastic bow which does everything very well. It’s neither too stiff nor too supple – the sound is warm yet crisp, the weight and balance are absolutely correct, and the camber is perfect. On and off the string are both easy.
The overall character of the bow is powerful and smooth, but it has a nice edge and you can throw it about on the strings or achieve a rich legato.
Very comfortable in the hand, and quite a looker – in other words, a great French bow at a very reasonable price.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: Length 74.5 cm, weight 61.5 grams

Certificate: Pierre Guillaume, Maison Bernard, Brussels 2017

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Louis Morizot Violin Bow Louis Morizot Violin Bow
Louis Morizot Violin Bow Louis Morizot Violin Bow

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