Louis Morizot’s main claim to fame is his association with Sartory, yet he’s a great maker in his own right. Under his sons, the family name became rather associated with mass production and clunky student bows, but at the time this bow was made, a Morizot was a thing of great refinement and beauty.

This is a very typical bow made on Morizot’s own model, but sold by and branded Collin Mézin. Morizot also supplied unbranded bows to any number of violin-makes including Pierre Hel, Chanot-Chardon and Paul Serdet. The rounded heel we see here is very typical, as is the slightly impertinent head shape, quite narrow at the half-way point.

The stick is of octagonal section red brown pernambuco with wild figure – the light tinsel lapping is original though the thumb leather has been replaced. There are a few minor nibbles to the top of the stick, otherwise the bow is in excellent condition.

This is a light bow at present, and I think it should stay that way – with the present tinsel lapping the balance is perfect, and the stick has plenty of strength. It draws a full sound when needed, but the essential virtue of this bow is its agility. Fantastic off the string qualities, nervy and expressive, with lots of grip and a great attitude.

Heavy tank aerials are all the rage in the conservatoires where we sweat our way through the Bruch, but an increasing number of serious soloists favour a very light bow. The palette of colours is generally wider, and the sense of freedom allows for the expression of better musical ideas. If that’s where you’re coming from, this bow will serve you well – it’s refined, articulate and positive.

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