Another lovely bow by one of the most under-rated of C20 French makers – a particularly fine example in very good condition.

One of the most significant factors in the pricing of French bows is whether the maker was based in Paris or Mirecourt… strange but true! Various quite outstanding late 19th and 20th century makers remain quite affordable simply through geography, and Louis Morizot is perhaps the most notable example.

This bow follows his usual model, the head unsurprisingly Sartory-esque given his close collaboration with this maker, the frog rounded at the heel like most of his bows. The stick is of excellent orange-brown pernambuco, round section, mounts are silver and ebony.

There are a couple of minor condition issues, a small crack in the silver cap of the adjuster a tiny bit of thumbnail wear just forward of the frog, and a crack on the audience side of the thumb projection. There’s also a very small chip in the ebony on the top front corner of the frog on the player’s side.

This bow comes from the collection of one of our leading concertmasters – in fact it took him all the way to Juillard. No surprise then that it’s a very accomplished bow, powerful and positive, very like a 1920s Sartory. Slightly tip-heavy for that bit of extra wallop, it’s a bow that can always deliver more.

The tone is warm and very slightly grainy, great for bringing out colour in an uncompromising violin. The stick is on the stiff side, imperturbable in legato and very crisp off the string.

It’s time for this bow to find its way into the hands of another gifted young player – highly recommended for an aspiring soloist or a conservatiore student on a tight budget.

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