Louis Morizot Violin Bow for Collin-Mézin, Mirecourt circa 1930


Louis Morizot violin bow
Collin-Mézin is one of the best known names in the violin trade, and their violins show great artistry and attention to detail. The bows bearing the firm’s brand are equally desirable – the majority, like this one, made by the Morizot workshop in Mirecourt under the direction of Louis Morizot.

It’s a pity that Louis Morizot’s reputation has been slightly besmirched by the vast quantity of indifferent student bows put out by Morizot Freres in later years. He was a great maker, equal at least to Thomassin or Fétique. Here we have a very nice example of the type of bow he supplied to various French luthiers such as Joseph Aubry or Charles Bailly. The stick is of typically dark red pernambuco of round section, mounts are silver and ebony. The frog has a characteristic rounded heel, and the adjuster is rather short. The condition is excellent, with no issues to report other than a small scratch to the audience side of the frog.

This is an elegant looking bow and an elegant player too – supple without being soft, giving a very smooth legato, great adhesion and a lively bounce. An ideal bow for chamber music, and probably better suited for classical and baroque repertoire than for slugging out the big concertos. Although slightly short in length, 2mm of this is the short adjuster – however, definitely best suited to a player of smaller build who wants a good weight in a controllable stick.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: Length 73.9cm, weight 61.7 grams

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Louis Morizot violin bow Louis Morizot violin bow
Louis Morizot violin bow Louis Morizot violin bow

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