Louis Piernot Violin Bow, Paris circa 1925


Louis Piernot Violin Bow
This is an unusually good Piernot bow made for Chanot-Chardon and carrying their brand. It’s in exceptional condition and it plays beautifully.

Louis Piernot is not one of the big names in French bow-making. Mostly he supplied unstamped bows to violin-makers and to a few important workshops, André Vigneron amongst others. Piernot’s earlier work is excellent, and this is a great example – typical elegant Bazin model of head, very precise and perfectly fitted frog and button, and a fine pernambuco stick of octagonal section. Mounts are nickel and ebony.
The condition of the bow is near mint.

Sometimes Piernot sticks are a bit whippy, but this is quite a stand-out. The bow draws a broad warm tone which is slightly edgy but still clean. The spring is strong but responsive, so you can press hard but also achieve a subtle staccato with ease. The overall volume is excellent, the bow has very solid technical qualities, and I would recommend it to a player of any standard. An ideal bow for a conservatoire student who needs a bit of solistic fairy dust without breaking the bank!

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: Length 74.6cm, weight 61.9 grams

Certificate: Pierre Guillaume, Maison Bernard, Brussels 2017

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Louis Piernot Violin Bow Louis Piernot Violin Bow
Louis Piernot Violin Bow Louis Piernot Violin Bow

Louis Piernot Violin Bow Louis Piernot Violin Bow

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