Another great bow by Marie Louis Piernot, an early 20th century maker whose star is on the rise. First class workmanship, good condition and a big earthy sound.

Piernot is a maker who should be much more highly valued. From a player’s point of view his bows hit a sweet spot somewhere between the quality of a Vigneron and a Sartory, big and powerful but with enough suppleness to really speak.

It’s fair to think of them as a development of the Vigneron concept, given that Piernot worked for both JA and André Vigneron. But there is no logic to how they are valued in the marketplace, and with Piernot it’s still possible to get a top level French bow for a sensible price.

This example has a round section stick of chocolate brown pernambuco – mounts are silver and ebony. The condition of the bow is generally excellent, though there are some slight marks and a small cheek repair to the audience side of the head.

I could do worse than to copy the description for the other Piernot we have right now. This is another very complete bow, somehow at once dark and bright in tone, pulling a big sound quite effortlessly. It has a hint of “coffee grounds” but without compromising clarity. The stick is perfectly judged – not light, not heavy, not stiff, not soft, keen but not overy nervous.

It’s not easy to make a bow that’s both reliable and inspiring, but that seems to be Piernot’s unique gift.

Everything sounds better with this bow – it’s hard to think of higher praise!

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