This is a fine sounding Mittenwald violin of the Neuner & Hornsteiner type, made in the mid-late 19th century and currently in good condition.

A nicely made Mittenwald “Verleger” violin of a good size with a typical rich red varnish.

The condition is generally very good – there are several minor table cracks, all well repaired (below the treble f-hole, on the wings and to the lower left flank), there’s a neat button repair and a well executed neck graft. Nothing untoward for an instrument of this age, and nothing unsightly.

People are very quick to pronounce on the tonal qualities of “German” fiddles in spite of the fact that there are two entirely distinct traditions and methods of construction in Germany. When it comes to trade or workshop violins, the Mittenwald method is more sophisticated and tends to give more reliable tonal results than the North German cottage industry.

This violin is a case in point – it has no particular pretensions to grandeur, but it sounds great, well balanced, zingy and responsive with a nice fat woody core. All parts of the register are clean and articulate and the E string is unusually good.

This would be an ideal choice for an advanced student or an aspiring soloist on a budget.

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