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Last updated 14th Aug 2019

Victor Fétique Violin Bow, Paris circa 1930


Victor Fétique Violin Bow
This is a very strong Fétique in great condition – it produces an immense tone, with lots of core and ery bight overtones. More details

Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1845


Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow
Dominique Peccatte bows are highly prized for their playing qualities, and this one is a dream, strong yet supple in a uniquely 19th century way. The frog is also Dominique Peccatte but from another bow, and the price reflects this. More details

Celeste Farotti Violin, Milan 1906


Celeste Farotti ViolinCeleste Farotti is one of the more intriguing early Modern Italians, and many of his violins have been mistaken for much older instruments. Here we have a relatively straight Rocca copy, a beautiful example with a powerful soloist voice. Some minor restoration hence the keen price. More details

Rodolfo Fredi Violin, Rome 1927


Rodolfo Fredi ViolinRodolfo Fredi was a prolific and successful maker. He produced violins of variying qualities – the better instruments are beautifully made and tonally outstanding. This example is his best quality of work, currently in excellent condition. More details

Jacques-Pierre Thibout Violin, Paris 1825


Jacques-Pierre Thibout ViolinJacques-Pierre Thibout is perhaps the most artistic of the Parisian makers. He was a contemporary of Nicholas Lupot, and if he had made faithful Strad copies rather than pursuing his own model he would probably be the better known maker. Here we have a beautiful example in immaculate condition – definitely the finest Thibout I have seen and the best sounding too. More details

Georges Chanot Violin, Paris circa 1835

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Georges Chanot ViolinGeorges Chanot is generally regarded as the finest French violin maker after Nicolas Lupot. He was a renowned conoisseur of Italian violins, and his del Gesu copies are particularly sought after. This is a great example, and the sound is as good as it gets. More details

George Wulme Hudson Violin, London 1909


George Wulme Hudson ViolinGeorge Wulme Hudson is one of the great English copyists, and this fine Stradivari copy is one of the nicest instruments we have seen from him. It’s in near mint condition, and it has an outstanding concert tone. More details

James Steele Violin, London 1924


James Steele ViolinThis is a lovely English violin in the tradition of Joseph Chanot. It’s in pretty much flawless condition and the sound is just great. More details

Günter Paulus Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1980


Günter Paulus Violin Bow
Günter Paulus belongs to a large family of bow-makers stretching back to the 19th century. We have sold a number of his bows – all have been of the highest quality and excellent players. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1898


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
This is a very fine Sartory in excellent condition. The stick is almost a centimetre longer than normal, hence the bargain price. Ideal for a taller player! More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1935


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
Sartory is without doubt the most popular maker of bows of any period and from any part of the world. His bows are highly sought after and the price just keeps going up! Here we have a very strong late-period Sartory in excellent condition. More details

Ludovico Rastelli Violin, Genoa circa 1870


Ludovico Rastelli ViolinThis is a very charming late 19th century Italian violin by the rare Genoese maker Ludovico Rastelli. It’s entirely free from cracks and has a muscular, beautifully balanced sound. More details

Jean Grand Adam Cello Bow, Paris circa 1850


Jean Grand Adam Cello Bow
Jean “Grand” Adam is a maker whose genius has only recently been acknowledged. Here we have an excellent stick dating from around 1850, fitted with new copy mounts. More details

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London 1939


WE Hill & Son Violin Bow
This is a beautifully preserved Hill bow from 1939 with outstanding tone and playability. More details

HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1885


HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow
This is a rare early Pfretzschner with some unusual features, made as a copy of an earlier French bow. A great bow for classical repertoire, with a beautiful and luminous tone. More details

A Mirecourt 7/8 Violin, Poirsons Label, 1914


Mirecourt 7/8 ViolinThis is a fine sounding Mirecourt 7/8 violin, ideal for a smaller player, and very affordable. More details

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