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Last updated 30th May 2019

Fritz Müller Cello Bow, Bubenreuth circa 1960


Fritz Müller Cello Bow
This is a rather superior modern German bow with decorative mounts – it’s a stiff and powerful stick in a shorter length, ideal for a smaller player. More details

Emile F. Ouchard Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925


Emile F. Ouchard Violin Bow
Emile Ouchard is one of the more undervalued of French makers, largely because he worked in Mirecourt rather than Paris. Here we have a very nice and typical example in excellent condition. More details

A German Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1930


A German Violin Bow
This is an excellent silver mounted German bow with the playing qualities of a fine Nürnberger. More details

A French Viola Bow, Mirecourt circa 1920


French Viola Bow
This is a lovely French viola bow of the Ouchard/Cuniot-Hury type, made in Mirecourt around 1930. Quite light in weight but packing a punch, this is a very versatile bow which draws a full and elegant sound. More details

August Rau Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1935


August Rau Violin Bow
August Rau was a very accomplished German maker who trained with Nürnberger, Knopf and Weichold before becoming independent. This is an example from his later period – it’s a great player in very good condition, but with a replacement adjuster. More details

Luigi Salsedo Violin, 1928


Luigi Salsedo Violin“Luigi Salsedo” instruments are well known in the UK, and have always been well regarded for their excellent tonal properties. This is a typical example in excellent condition, with a rich and powerful sound. More details

Friedrich Lohmann Violin, Buxtehude 1951


Friedrich Lohmann ViolinA great sounding violin by a very talented amateur maker, slightly undersized and perfect for a smaller player. More details

Charles JB Collin-Mézin Violin, Paris 1884


Charles JB Collin-Mézin ViolinCollin-Mézin is probably one of the best known names in the violin trade. Although the firm went rather downhill in the 20th century, pre-1900 violins by Collin-Mézin Senior are very sought after, partly because they represent the best in French workmanship, partly because they are always successful tonally. More details

Carl Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920


 Carl Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow
Carl Albert Nürnberger was one of the third generation of bowmakers from this important German family. His work is very accomplished and quite distinctive, particularly the bold Parisian eyes and the use of plain mother of pearl. More details

Étienne Pajeot Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1825


Étienne Pajeot Violin Bow
Étienne Pajeot is one of the most important figures in the history of bow-making. This example is a top class player’s bow in very fine condition The original frog is an experimental open ebony frog – we are offering the bow with an additional and more workable copy frog made by Yannick Le Canu. More details

Tino Lucke Violin Bow, Berlin 2006


Tino Lucke Violin Bow
Tino Lucke is a highly respected modern maker whose bows are in great demand amongst players. Here we have a beautiful example of his work in mint condition. More details

Antonio Gragnani Violin, Livorno 1768-80

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Antonio Gragnani ViolinAntonio Gragnani is a maker whose work is immediately recognizable and unique – here we have a lovely example made affordable by the fact that the head is later. The sound is brilliant and exciting. More details

Lorenzo & Tomasso Carcassi, Florence 1772

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Lorenzo & Tomasso CarcassiThe brothers Lorenzo and Tomasso Carcassi collaborated on violins between around 1750 and 1780, and produced numerous superb sounding violins on a Stainer model. This is a very fine example in excellent condition for its age, with a powerful and limpid tone suitable for a demanding professional. More details

Karel Pilar Violin, Hradec Králové 1951


Karel Pilar ViolinThis is a very fine mid/20th century violin by one of the great Czech makers, Karel Pilar. It’s a beautiful looking instrument in near mint condition, with a very responsive and engaging concert sound. More details

James Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1870


James Tubbs Viola Bow
This is a great early James Tubbs viola bow made for WE Hill whose brand it bears. It’s in a very fine state of preservation and it’s an unusually versatile player. More details

William Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1860


William Tubbs Viola Bow
This is a very fine viola bow made for James Dodd by William Tubbs. It’s an exceptional example in excellent condition, and it plays beautifully. More details

FN Voirin Viola Bow, Paris circa 1875


FN Voirin Viola Bow
FN Voirin is a maker whose influence cannot be underestimated. His precision and artistry have never been superseded, and his bows are the most refined of all the French makers. This viola bow is a beautiful example of his work in excellent condition. More details

Georges Chanot Violin, Paris circa 1830


Georges Chanot ViolinGeorges Chanot is widely regarded as one of the greatest French makers, with a very personal style and a great reputation for tone. This example is an early Strad model, very artistic and with a phenomenal sound. More details

François Xavier Tourte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1810

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François Xavier Tourte Violin Bow
FX Tourte is the “ne plus ultra” of bow-making. Like Stradivari and the violin, he created the modern bow, and his achievements have never been surpassed in any significant way. Here we have a very fine example, beautifully preserved, and with superb playing qualities. There are some minor condition issues, and for a Tourte it’s almost affordable!

Ex-Iona Brown More details

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