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Last updated 14th Oct 2019

Jean Joseph Martin Violin Bow for JB Vuillaume, Paris circa 1870


Jean Joseph Martin Violin Bow
This is a very nice Vuillaume bow made by JJ Martin around 1870. Built on a typcial Vuillaume model, it’s a very attractive bow with a huge sound. More details

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1885


FN Voirin Violin Bow
FN Voirin is one of the few truly great makers, and this bow is one of the finest examples in existence, with gold and tortoiseshell mounts and a very rare WE Hill stamp. An exceptional collector’s piece. More details

Francois Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1845


Francois Peccatte Violin Bow
François Peccatte, brother of Dominique, is a maker whose star is in the ascendant. His preference for nickel and for unusual woods has to some extent obscured the quality of his making, but this bow is stunning. More details

Joseph Henry Violin Bow, Paris circa 1850


Joseph Henry Violin Bow
This is an unusually fine Joseph Henry in near mint condition – an outstanding bow by an outstanding maker, equally suited to a top level player or a collector. More details

Noel Burke Viola Bow, Carlow, 2018


Noel Burke Viola Bow
Noel Burke is a highly respected contemporary maker whose bows are used by a number of leading professional players. Here we have a superb gold mounted violin bow with excellent playing qualities in almost new condition. More details

G B Gaibisso Violin, Alassio 1949


GB Gaibisso ViolinThis is a beautiful modern Italian violin by GB Gaibisso, a lesser known but very talented Ligurian maker. It’s in perfect condition and has a great sound. More details

Luigi Galimberti Violin, Milan 1930


Luigi Galimberti ViolinLuigi Galimberti is a fine Milanese maker of the early 20th century, and this is a beautiful example of his work in near perfect condition. The sound is first class, powerful yet beautiful. More details

Alfred Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1915


Alfred Tubbs Violin Bow
This is an exceptional bow by Alf Tubbs, dedicated to the 1900 the winner of the Stainer Prize, Dora Robins. Slightly short and light, what was described at the time as a “ladies’ bow”, nonetheless a terrific player and a uniquely collectable Tubbs. More details

JA Vigneron Violin Bow, Paris circa 1895


JA Vigneron Violin Bow
Joseph Arthur Vigneron is for me something of an unsung hero. His bows are great musician’s tools, not refined like Voirin but still exceptionally well made. Here we have a fine example in excellent condition, also an outstanding player. More details

Paolo De Barbieri Violin, Genoa 1946


Paolo De Barbieri ViolinPaolo de Barbieri is a highly respected maker, and a leading figure in the modern Geonese school. For most of his life he produced copies of the del Gesu Cannone, which was gifted to the city of Genoa by Paganini and can still be seen in the Palazzo Tursi. This violin is an unusually attractive example with a rich golden varnish and an outstanding concert tone. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1915


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
This is a spectacular gold mounted Sartory in excellent condition, and with the playing qualities you would expect from this maker’s best work. More details

JS Finkel Viola Bow circa 1990


JS Finkel Viola Bow
A very good Finkel “Lefin” viola bow, around 25-30 years old but in perect condition. It plays unusually well for the price, with a rounded, muscular tone and easy control off the string. More details

Johannes Franciscus Cuypers (II) Violin, Amsterdam circa 1840


Johannes Franciscus Cuypers (II) ViolinJohannes Franciscus Cuypers (II) was the last in a long line of Dutch makers. All Cuypers instruments share very similar traits, and all are highly prized for their superb tonal qualities. This is a lovely and fine sounding example in great condition. More details

Eugène Sartory Cello Bow, Paris circa 1910


Eugène Sartory Cello Bow
Eugène Sartory is probably the most popular maker of all time, and his bows are the mainstay of professional musicians the world over. Here we have a very fine cello bow from his best period, very well preserved and of an ideal weight. More details

Michael Taylor Viola Bow, Ealing Strings 1989


Michael Taylor Viola Bow
This is a very fine Peccatte model viola bow made by Michael Taylor for Ealing Strings. The property of a professional player, it’s in excellent condition and draws a big sound. More details

A Mittenwald Violin circa 1870


Mittenwald ViolinThis is a good Mittenwald violin of the Neuner and Hornsteiner type, with a typical deep red varnish that’s slightly craquelled. More details

A Mittenwald Small Viola circa 1830


Mittenwald Small ViolaThis is a very attractive small viola made in Mittenwald in the early 1800s. It’s in good condition and it has surprisingly warm and full sound. More details

Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1845


Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow
Dominique Peccatte bows are highly prized for their playing qualities, and this one is a dream, strong yet supple in a uniquely 19th century way. The frog is also Dominique Peccatte but from another bow, and the price reflects this. More details

Rodolfo Fredi Violin, Rome 1927


Rodolfo Fredi ViolinRodolfo Fredi was a prolific and successful maker. He produced violins of variying qualities – the better instruments are beautifully made and tonally outstanding. This example is his best quality of work, currently in excellent condition. More details

Jacques-Pierre Thibout Violin, Paris 1825


Jacques-Pierre Thibout ViolinJacques-Pierre Thibout is perhaps the most artistic of the Parisian makers. He was a contemporary of Nicholas Lupot, and if he had made faithful Strad copies rather than pursuing his own model he would probably be the better known maker. Here we have a beautiful example in immaculate condition – definitely the finest Thibout I have seen and the best sounding too. More details

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