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Last updated 17th Sept 2018

Emile Ouchard Cello Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925

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Emile Ouchard Cello Bow
Emile Ouchard was a prolific maker who made bows of varying qualities for many different firms, but his best work is extremely fine – here we have an unusually good cello bow of his in excellent condition. More details

Joseph Alfred Lamy Violin Bow, Paris circa 1885


Joseph Alfred Lamy Violin Bow
This is a typically elegant early bow by Lamy Père, very close in style to the work of his master FN Voirin, and in excellent condition. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1900

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James Tubbs Violin Bow
When Tubbs bows are good they’re really good! This is a super late period example – quite light but stiff and nervy, drawing a very fine tone. More details

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1880


FN Voirin Violin Bow
Voirin is one of the big names, unrivalled for the beauty and exactness of his work. Here we have an unusually well preserved example of this great maker’s work – it’s also a terrific player with ideal weight and balance. More details

Eugenio Degani Violin, Venice 1893


Eugenio Degani ViolinEugenio Degani is one of the most recognizable of modern Italian makers. His violins are always refined and stylish. Here we have a wonderful sounding example in perfect condition. More details

Claude Joseph Fonclause Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1830


Claude Joseph Fonclause Violin Bow
Joseph Fonclause is a rare maker whose work is highly appreciated by soloists. There we have a fine early example in excellent condition – a very powerful stick with a great tone. More details

HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1960


HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow
An exceptional gold mounted HR Pfretzschner violin bow in near perfect condition – and a big sound. More details

François Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1845


François Peccatte Violin Bow
François Peccatte was younger brother to Dominique, and a maker of equal skill – this is a lovely example of his work in very good condition. More details

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