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Last updated 7th Dec 2019

Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow circa 1840


Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow
This is an exceptional bow by one of the greatest of the French makers, Etienne Pajeot. It plays beautifully and the condition is outstanding.
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Louis Thomassin Cello Bow, Paris circa 1895


Louis Thomassin Cello Bow
This is a rare cello bow by Louis Thomassin, co-worker and successor to FN Voirin. It’s a beautiful example of his work and in fine condition. More details

Marcel Lapierre Viola Bow, Mirecourt circa 1950


Marcel Lapierre Viola Bow
This is a particularly nice example of Marcel Lapierre’s work – made with unusually fine wood, and with excellent playing qualities. More details

Jean Persoit Violin Bow, Paris circa 1830


Jean Persoit Violin Bow
Jean Persoit is one of the most hallowed names in bow-making, really the only maker to rival FX Tourte. Here we have a restored example that is nonetheless quite beautiful and an outstanding player’s bow. More details

EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925


EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow
Here is another showing “collaboration” bow, made in the workshop of EF Ouchard but the hand of his son EA Ouchard. Made for Lucien Schmidt of Grenoble, this is a very high quality stick with an excellent playing character. Very good condition too.
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WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, William Johnston circa 1900


WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, William Johnston
Everyone is familiar with the quality of Hill bows – here we have a very early silver and ivory example from around 1900 bearing the maker’s mark of William Johnston (first mark with vertical nicks). The sound is first class and the condition is unusually good. More details

Mars Auguste Husson Violin Bow, Paris circa 1925


Mars Auguste Husson Violin Bow
This is a very fine and rare ivory-mounted bow by Auguste Husson, a Parisian maker of the early 20th century. It’s in excellent condition and is a top class player. More details

Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow, Paris circa 1830


Joseph Lafleur Violin Bow
Lafleur is one of the great names in French bow-making, and this is a very fine early example of his work. Contemporary bow-makers would kill or maim to get their hands on this quality of pernambuco, dense, veined and beautifully flamed. The head is very artistic, a bell-like model which Pierre Simon championed in his work. Typical frog with 2-piece heel-plate, one single pin in the centre of the back plate. More details

Hermann Prell Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920


Hermann Prell Violin Bow
This is the second bow we have by Hermann Prell, whose main claim to fame was the fact that he worked briefly for Sartory. Here we have a fine silver-mounted example in unblemished condition, and a great all-round player. More details

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London 1959


WE Hill & Son Violin Bow
There are Hill bows and Hill bows … and this is about as good as you can get, a chased gold and tortoiseshell fleur de lys bow in mint condition. And it plays! More details

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London 1957


WE Hill & Son Violin Bow
This is a fine gold mounted Hill bow from 1957, the stick made by Arthur Copley. It’s in immaculate condition and its playing qualities are quintessentially Hill – unpretentious and utterly reliable! More details

HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920


HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow
This is a rare and exquisite gold and tortoiseshell HR Pfretzschner from around 1920. It’s in excellent condition and it plays beautifully with a muscular warm sound.
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