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Last updated 28th March 2020

Alberto Guerra Viola, Modena 1957


Alberto Guerra ViolaMade by Alberto Guerra, this is an excellent yet affordable modern Italian viola of good proportions with a warm, fruity sound. It has a slightly “lived-in” appearance but is free from any condition issues. More details

Marino Capicchioni Viola, Rimini 1954


Marino Capicchioni ViolaThis is a fine Italian viola of ideal proportions made by Marino Capicchioni in 1954 – it’s an unusually attractive example in excellent condition, with a big and bold sound. More details

Ansaldo Poggi Viola, Bologna 1954

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Ansaldo Poggi ViolaAnsaldo Poggi is the most highy valued violinmaker of the 20th century, and here we have a rare viola in mint condition. An outstanding collector’s piece and a beautiful sounding instrument. More details

Ch.JB Collin-Mézin Violin, Paris 1885


Ch.JB Collin-Mézin ViolinThis is a fine early Collin-Mézin violin in excellent condition, and with a characteristically bold and rich sound. More details

Eugene Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920


Eugene Sartory Violin Bow
This is an exceptional gold-mounted Sartory violin bow, formerly the property of the renowned French violinist Jacques Thibaud. It’s a remarkable bow in every way. More details

EF Ouchard Cello Bow, Mirecourt


EF Ouchard Cello Bow
This is a very nice cello bow by EF Ouchard, a prolific and undervalued maker. It’s in good condition and plays very well. More details

EA Ouchard Violin Bow, Paris circa 1930


EA Ouchard Violin Bow
EA Ouchard is probably the greatest of 20th century French makers, and this is the finest example we have seen. Gold mounted, spectacular wood, amazing condition, and most importantly a great player’s bow. More details

FX Tourte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1805

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FX Tourte Violin Bow
FX Tourte is without question the greatest maker in the history of bow-making. Here we have a terrific FX Tourte stick in excellent condition, with mounts of the period probably by Francois Lupot II. More details

WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow, London circa 1910


WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow
This is a beautifully preserved early Hill bow, the work of William Napier according to the late Bill Watson. Well balanced, a great weight, and a clear full tone. More details

Eugene Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1925


Eugene Sartory Violin Bow
We always try to keep a few Sartory bows in our stock – his bows are the first choice for many professional players. This example is more refined than most, a great middle period bow in very good condition and with unusually good playing qualities. More details

JA Vigneron Cello Bow, Paris circa 1905

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JA Vigneron Cello Bow
Here we have a beautifully preserved cello bow by JA Vigneron, a highly respected maker of the late 19th century. More details

Joseph Henry Cello Bow, Paris circa 1865


Joseph Henry Cello Bow
This is an exceptional cello bow by Joseph Henry, one of the greatest of 19th century makers. More details

Vincenzo Panormo Violin, London circa 1800

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Vincenzo Panormo ViolinThis is a beautifully preserved example of the work of Vincenzo Panormo from his second London period. It’s an outstanding concert instrument from the most highly regarded of English makers More details

Nicolo Gagliano Violin, Naples circa 1770

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Nicolo Gagliano ViolinThis is a fine violin by Nicolo Gagliano, made in 1761 and bearing its original label. It’s a particularly attractive example with a sublime tone. More details

HC Silvestre Workshop Violin, Paris, circa 1890


HC Silvestre Workshop ViolinThis is a lovely violin from the late 19th century bearing an authentic Silvestre label, but most likely a bought-in Mirecourt instrument. It has a terrific sound, and it would be ideal for a talented young player. More details

A Fine Berlin Violin, circa 1920


A Fine Berlin ViolinThis is a rather beautiful violin which used to be a Bisiach pretending to be a Guiseppe Rocca! It’s a great example of the early 20th century Berlin copy style with a very fine sound. More details

A Fine Prague/Vienna Violin, circa 1800

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A Fine Prague/Vienna ViolinThis is an exceptional sounding insturment made around 1800 in the Prague/Vienna school. It’s one of the best sounding violins we have in stock, and worthy of a top level player. More details

A Fine Anonymous Violin, mid 19th Century


Fine Anonymous ViolinThis is a violin which has so far resisted all attempts at identification. Made in the copy style, most likely by the Dollenz family in Trieste, it’s an outstanding concert instrument with a rich, complex, bright voice. More details

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