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Last updated 5th April 2018

Nürnberger Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1930


Nurnberger Violin Bow
This is an unusually fine gold and ebony mounted bow from the Nürnberger shop, probably the work of Philipp Paul Nürnberger. It’s a beautiful example of the higher-end production of this workshop. More details

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London 1959


WE Hill & Son Violin Bow
This is a superb Hill bow in mint condition, date stamped under the frog. It’s an excellent player with a strong yet lively stick. More details

Charles François Gand (Père) Violin, Paris 1843


Charles François Gand (Père) ViolinGand is one of the great names in French lutherie, and the family was active from the late 18th century until the demise of Gand & Berardel in 1901. Gand Père was the best maker of the dynasty, and this is a spectacular example, aesthetically and tonally. More details

A Mirecourt Violin circa 1870


Mirecourt ViolinThis is my favourite kind of violin – what I would call a ‘campfire Strad”, offering an exceptional quality of sound at a very modest price. More details

Paul Bailly Viola, Paris circa 1895


Paul Bailly ViolaPaul Bailly is the only maker from the Vuillaume shop who continued to work well into the 20th century, and his style is more individual and fluid than that of his co-workers like Maucotel, Derazey or Silvestre. This slightly undersized viola is a great example of his work in near-mint condition. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1910

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Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
Eugène Sartory remains the most popular bowmaker amongst professional musicians, and the value of his bows continues to rise at an alarming rate! This is a fine early example with excellent playing qualities. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1900


Eugene Sartory Violin Bow
This is a unique early Sartory bow in superb condition – it’s a highly collectable bow but it also has a unique clarity of tone. More details

Louis Morizot Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925


We have a number of bows by Louis Morizot, and I rate him very highly as a maker. Although the family name has come to be associated with more mass-produced bows, the father’s work is first rate. More details

Joseph Henry Violin Bow, Paris circa 1860


Joseph Henry Violin Bow
Joseph Henry is in my opinion the greatest maker of the Peccatte school. This bow has a replacement frog and is quite worn, but it’s an exceptional player. More details

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