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Last updated 18th April 2019

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1880


FN Voirin Violin Bow
FN Voirin is one of the few genuinely important makers, and here we have an unusually fine example of his work in excellent condition. It’s also a very strong stick with superb playing qualities. More details

James & John Simpson Viola, London circa 1780


James & John Simpson ViolaA very fine late 18th century small viola bearing the J&J Simpson label, with a full and rich viola sound. More details

François Xavier Tourte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1810

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François Xavier Tourte Violin Bow
FX Tourte is the “ne plus ultra” of bow-making. Like Stradivari and the violin, he created the modern bow, and his achievements have never been surpassed in any significant way. Here we have a very fine example, beautifully preserved, and with superb playing qualities. There are some minor condition issues, and for a Tourte it’s almost affordable!

Ex-Iona Brown More details

Rod Ward Viola, Cambridge 2005


Rod Ward ViolaRod Ward has been making great instruments for over 40 years now : This lovely small viola is a typical example of his aesthetic – not antiqued but very faithful to the early Italian makers. Great sound and near mint condition … More details

Nicolaus Georg Skomal Violin, Graz 1804


Nicolaus Georg Skomal ViolinNicolaus Skomal was a Prague maker who lived and worked in Graz, Austria, producing violin family instruments as well as guitars and lutes. This violin is beautifully made exhibiting great skill, and the sound is first class. More details

A Good Mittenwald Violin, circa 1820


A Good Mittenwald ViolinThis is a lovely Mittenwald “Verleger” violin in outstanding condition, with a bright zingy sound that’s full of character. More details

Gustav Lütschg Violin, Bern 1927


Gustav Lütschg ViolinGustav Lütschg was a fine Swiss maker, pupil of and successor to Gustav Methfessel. This violin is a lovely example of his work in near-perfect condition, with a rich and slightly dark sound. More details

Joseph Alfred Lamy (Père) Violin Bow, Paris circa 1895


Joseph Alfred Lamy (Père) Violin Bow
This is a very fine Joseph Alfred Lamy in excellent condition, stamped A Lamy à Paris. It’s in great condition and it has a brilliant and sophisticated sound. More details

Antonio Rovetta Violin, Brescia 1898


Antonio Rovetta ViolinThis is a lovely and idiosyncratic late 19th century Italian violin bearing an authentic label and brand from Antonio Rovetta. It’s a great sounding instrument and very affordable … More details

Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre Violin, Lyon 1876


Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre ViolinThe Silvestre family were at the heart of French violin-making in the 19th century, with strong connections to Gand and Vuillaume – to my mind HC Silvestre was the most successful maker in the family. Here we have a beautiful HC Silvestre in near-mint condition and with a top-class concert sound. More details

Giovanni & Giuseppe Dollenz Violin, Trieste circa 1855


Giovanni & Giuseppe Dollenz VioliFor a long time Giovanni Dollenz’s rare ability as a maker has been attributed to some connection with Storioni – such stories sell violins! Whatever his influences, he was a maker with a dashing and individual style. The violins in the 1850s were made in collaboration with his son Giuseppe, who is regarded as in every way the equal of his father. More details

Pierre Silvestre Violin, Lyon 1852


Pierre Silvestre ViolinPierre Silvestre is one of the greatest of French violin makers – he was direct successor to Lupot, and founder of the all-important Lyon school. I have a real soft spot for the Silvestres, but Pierre was the real talent! This violin is a rare Guarneri pattern, it’s in great condition if rather well-loved, and the sound is exceptional. More details

Gand & Bernardel Viola, Paris 1888


Gand & Bernardel ViolaGand & Bernardel were the largest and most prestigious Parisian workshop of the late 19th century. To a great extent they took on the mantle of JB Vuillaume, adopting similar working practices, employing excellent makers and also producing beautiful bows. More details

Emile Auguste Ouchard Viola Bow, New York circa 1950


Emile Auguste Ouchard Viola Bow
Emile Auguste Ouchard is one of the most highly valued bow makers of the 20th century. His style is individual and very precise, and the playing qualities of his bows are rarely surpassed. Many professionals use an EA Ouchard. This fine viola bow from his New York period is a very good example, powerful yet responsive and with a huge sound. More details

Pierre Simon Cello Bow, Paris circa 1860


Pierre Simon Cello Bow
Pierre Simon is one of the great bowmakers of the mid 19th century, closely associated with Dominique Peccatte and Joseph Henry, but working in his own distinctive manner. Simon bows engender a quite fanatical devotion on the part of their owners – their combination of robustness and agility is unique.

This bow is a composite – all by Simon, but the mounts from another bow. There are some signs of use but generally the bow is in excellent condition. More details

Joseph Alfred Lamy Cello Bow, Paris circa 1890


Joseph Alfred Lamy Cello Bow,
Joseph Alfred Lamy (or Lamy Père) stands slightly in the shadow of his teacher and mentor FN Voirin, but his work oozes elegance and finesse. Lamy’s cello bows are particularly fine, with the most beautiful elongated head shape. This is a lovely example in fine condition – deep red round section pernambuco stick, silver and ebony mounts with a plain eye and 3-part adjuster. More details

Calcagni Workshop Violin, Genoa circa 1750, Genoa circa 1750


Genoese violinThis is a rare and interesting Genoese violin from the mid 1700s in a wonderful state of preservation and with an outstanding tone. The head is probably not original to the violin. More details

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